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Life would be so much eazier if we only had the Source Code


I could repair your computer

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I'm a progammer!

I love programing and I could develop applications as you wish!

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Electronic engineer

I know some thing about this!

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I live with computer. When I was ten my parents bought my first computer and and then my computery life had begin!

I was so curious and I started going anywhere and trying anything and any options in coumputer. so I learned how to ruin my computer first! and then tried to fix it so I learned how to fix my computer! later when I was 12, I started being more accurate in computer science so I learned much more about computer structures and computer logic and also developing.

I could say I started learning computer by drowning in it!


I like creating! after I knew computer, I wanted to creat something in computer, so I guided to developing and programing since I chose university of computer engineering to learn much more of computer science.

When I was 14 I started programing from Dos-Batch and after a while I started working by Visual Basic. then I started Bascom-avr, C++, C#, Html and web-programing, java, python. But I have something to say about C# and python.

I also created so many programs. you can see som of them in softwares page.

Electronic engineering

Befor I know computer I knew electronic science and I tried to learn some thing about it. I started learning by some simple circut and reading some books about electronic element and some basic informations about amper, volt, ohm and ...

I should say I know some thing about electronic but not so mutch! I could design basic and some AVR based circuits.

But as I said, my major is computer engineering and electronic is a preoccupation.

Comming soon...