Release note

Getting started

Follow Telegram instructions to create a new bot user and get your Bot-Token. keep your Bot-Token safe.

Then download latest release or use git clone.

git clone

Note: Telegram-RSS-Bot is always under active development, so if you're looking for a stable and safe release, use the compressed packages or checkout to release branch.

use this:

git checkout release

OR just run this command instead of the one above:

git clone --branch release


Highly recommended to keep your server up to date. if you are using git you can do an update with git pull


First install python. I recommend Python v3.8+ because this project developed and tested with this version. So if you had any problem you can create an issue

change dir to source directory and install requirements with

cd Telegram-RSS-Bot
python3 -m pip install {--user} -r requirements.txt

--user flag is optional and may needed in some situation


Read docs/

Copy default configuration example config-example.conf to user-config.conf and add token to config file under main section

token = {your bot token}

Note that config-example.conf may be updated, so check for changes to each update. user-config.conf is ignored by git to prevent git pull problems

Run server

use python to run server, you can also run server with a new config file with python -c {config file path} (Default configurations are user-config.conf or config-example.conf). run python -h to get help about available arguments.